Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump Removal – Unfortunately there will always be Trees growing in inappropriate locations, oversized for the area, self sown from surrounding trees and encroaching on buildings, or even trees which were perfectly suitable until they reached an older age and became unsafe or died. Whatever the reason, if you feel your tree is not where it is meant to be, we can assist in removing it, we will advise as provision of quotation whether your tree is within a Protected Area or has a TPO, assist in instructing you how to remedy this,  if applicable, or make any necessary arrangements for you – as you prefer.

Stump Grinding is the cost effective way of removing a tree stump and causes the least disruption to the surrounding lawn, flower beds. 

Stump Removal - Stump Grinding - SML Tree & Hedge Services

The core of the stump is ground out completely. Fast and affordable with minimum disruption. We have the experience and machinery to undertake both large and small commercial contracts whilst providing a high quality service to our domestic customers

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